August 2014

  • Moving Tips: How to Move and Keep the Kids Happy at the Same Time.

    You’re moving, so these days, you’re constantly juggling. You should be able to pack up your entire house, move and unpack, and still maintain your status as Parent of the Year, right? Just keep in mind that your move will be a short footnote in your family’s story. And although it may seem like the moving process is packing in all your time, be sure to make some time for your kids, and involve them as best as you can.

  • Moving Tips: How to Label Boxes

    Forget thinking outside the box; today, we actually want you to think on the box. Planning ahead about the way you label your boxes, and actually taking a little bit of extra time to properly label can save you lots of time when you go to unpack. Too often we think, I’ll remember what I packed! In reality, once you have reached your destination, you will be surrounded by boxes that all look alike, going on less sleep than normal, and amped up on caffeine. There is no way you will remember what you packed in each box.

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