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Overall, this was the best moving experience out of the 13 moves I've made over the last 25 years.  Everyone I dealt with at the company was responsive and professional.

I initially contacted a moving consultant with the company (Kim W.) to discuss using their Clutter Buster program to store furniture and household goods before the house was put on the market and then storing the remaining furniture while we went house hunting at our new location.  Kim created a detailed estimate on the cost to store the items and also how they would handle specialty items that required special treatment.  The two packing teams the company sent were top notch.  Both sets of packing teams were impressive.  They were efficient and treated our belongings with care as were the loaders who came behind the packers to crate our belongs to put into storage.  The loaders consulted with us on items needing to be crated after they had wrapped them to ensure nothing got damaged.  While this added to the overall cost, we appreciated their input and concern to ensure none of our items got damaged during storage and then shipment.

When we were ready to move our household goods to their new destination, I contacted my moving consultant to arrange their shipment.  The whole process was easy.  My assigned moving managers (Ebony and Jewell) stayed in contact with me throughout the process, checking in with me multiple times to see how the packing and loading were going.  The mover (James G.) from Interstate also stayed in touch with me while he was on the road to my destination.  The crew he hired to help him unload the furniture (Anthony W. and Jay J.) were regulars on his stops to the San Antonio area and they worked great as a team to unload our furniture.  They treated our belongs and house with respect and professionalism.

Interstate Movers in my opinion, is a top-notch organization.  The fact that the lead packers and movers we dealt with have been with the company for a very long time speaks to their ability to retain experienced employees who know how to get the job done superbly and efficiently.  The process they've set up to consult with the client at every step helps to make the process less painful.  This was a fairly expensive move, but the adage that you get what you pay for rings true in this case.  We wholeheartedly recommend this company.

Christina D.

I want to thank you Bridget for coming to check up on me during moving day.  It was very thoughtful to take the time out of your appointments for the day.

I want you to know that the "CREW" that you sent to move me from Triangle to Woodbridge, VA was top notch and just plain wonderful.  Miriam arrived first and quickly packed up and showed me the charges before she left.

The men came in and introduced themselves to me and let me show them what they would be taking.  They were really understanding if I was picky about something and assured me they would do it and I believe they did.  They were hardworking carrying 2 or 3 boxes at a time depending on size and I never saw them take a break except for lunch.  They asked questions if not sure and very polite when they did.  If I asked them a question they respectfully answered.  In unpacking, after they placed furniture, if I asked to move it they did without any complaint.  Before they left, they asked if there was something else that I needed.

The gentleman that did the paperwork carefully explained to me what I was signing.  Since I was giving a check that was written to "CASH", he saw I was leery and gave an explanation and showed me where I could read about it.  I figured he was with the company long enough that I didn't have to worry about it.  One gentlemen cleaned a glass cover to my desk as it was hard to reach.  They switched my bedroom items till I was happy.

All in all, these men were just awesome for their time with my moving.  I would recommend this crew to anyone and I will do so with your Company as well.

Barbara J.

I have had the pleasure of receiving support from your organization in a very large move from Japan to Germany. It has been absolutely wonderful working with the agent, Tram Brown. She has been absolutely knowledgeable about everything from the transition to travel arrangements. In the 20+ years that I have been traveling abroad I have never worked with someone so caring and professional. Any future moves I and my family make will always be through Interstate. 

Thank you so much for assigning such a terrific and caring professional to my family's move.

Aaron I.

As a military family we have encountered nine moves within the US and overseas.   After interviewing several friends who used Interstate Van Lines within the last several years, there was no doubt in our minds that this was the company we would choose to move us.  Also, the reviews on the internet were nothing but outstanding.

Bridget Martz, our Moving Consultant was one of the most highly knowledgeable and personable consultants we have had for any move.  As a result of her expertise, our move to NC was completely stress free. Bridget went above and beyond to always remain in constant contact, while keeping us informed of every detail.  She delivered boxes to our house on several occasions to assist in our prepacking.   She is exceptionally competent in her duties.

Packing day arrived and we were completely prepared for our move as a result of Bridget’s outstanding work.  The packing team (Regina, Nicole, Andrea) quickly demonstrated a high degree of skill and extreme care in wrapping and packing our house hold goods.  The ladies maintained a high standard of work ethics beyond any we have encountered on any move.  We would like to share our high praise to each of the members of the team.  We owe them a tremendous thank you for a job well done and to the highest standards possible.

Day Two/Three the Interstate truck arrived and the loading team (Mo, Chris, Daron, Marius, Jonathan) immediately put us at ease with their competence and high degree of skill in packing and loading the truck.  Each item was carefully wrapped and padded as if the item belonged to them.  We were thrilled that each item was wrapped inside our house before transporting it to the moving truck.  Above all, the team was very proficient and maintained a high degree of professionalism at all times.  They were extremely courteous and maintained a smile at all times even through the rain while loading the truck.  The team demonstrated years of training and a high degree of skill while preforming their duties in our home.  This was completely evident while crating our most treasured oil painting.  We extend our highest compliments to the team for a job performed extremely well and with the highest level of expertise.

We owe a high gratitude to Ebony Larijani who kept us informed on our move schedule through numerous phone calls.  A huge thanks to her for her outstanding service.

The Interstate mission statement is completely accurate.  You provided us with a relocation experience of the highest caliber.  The Countdown Stress-Less Calendar was very handy for us to gage our timelines.  You exceeded our expectations for a flawless move.  We will highly recommend Interstate Van Lines to any family member or friend.

We extend to the entire staff our gratitude and a tremendous thank you for an outstanding move/storage.

Chris and Cecelia S.

I have moved many times and this has been the best move I've experienced to date.  From the minute Lynn took on the job, she has made me feel like my house and my goods were special.  She is attentive to details, has excellent follow up skills, rolls up her sleeves and does what it takes to get the job done, on time, and with excellent results.  Moving is difficult in the best of circumstances, but with Lynn on the job, I was not stressed.  She invoked a high level of trust for the security and care of my goods and me, at all points during the process.

My move was complicated by multiple stages of moving out, storage of some of the goods, and a schedule that my company didn't make easy on any of us.  Lynn remained unrattled throughout.  Not only was she able to turn on a dime, she exuded calm and a cheerful "get it done" attitude, no matter the complexity.

Lynn is unique in her ability to operate at a level of minute detail one minute and general overall strategy and problem solving the next.  It's a skill I find rare in others, but I sure appreciate it when I do see it.  I feel quite fortunate to have had someone to work with on my move that could do both.

When I have a standout positive experience, I think it's important to praise the person responsible and to let their supervisor know about it.  I can't speak highly enough of Lynn and my impression of Interstate as a result of working with her.

Vicki B.

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